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As of Fall 2022, we will be taking walk-ins for piercings!

Thursday - Saturday 12PM - 7PM with guest piercer Skyler

Jessica is not accepting appointments at this time, but can still be reached via DM and email

We offer a variety of piercing and jewelry change services, and carry both implant-grade titanium and 14k-18k gold jewelry.

All piercings are done in a private room.

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  • Lobes

  • Specialty ear piercings: daith, conch, rook, helix, tragus, etc.

  • Eyebrow

  • Lips: labret, monroe, philtrum, etc.

  • Septum

  • Nostril

  • Tongue

  • Belly Button

  • Nipples

  • Genitals

If you have any questions concerning piercing aftercare please visit our  'Aftercare' page or call (302) 276-0904

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